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Natural Disaster

Theme Predict the Cyclone Relevant Grades Grade 7 Key Learning Outcomes Define weather and climate Explain the formation of thunderstorms Explain the significance of various factors on cyclone formation Predict cyclone activities based on meteorological data Session Duration 1.5 hour… Continue Reading…


Artificial Satellites

Theme  Save the satellite  Relevant Grades   Class 11-12 (CBSE)  Key Learning Objectives  Define the concept thrust  Recall the concepts binding energy and critical velocity  Explain importance of weight to thrust ratio  Apply the formulas for orbital motion of the satellite and set the satellite in… Continue Reading…


Combustion & Flames

Theme Understanding properties of Flames and Combustion Relevant Grades Class 7 & 8 Key Learning Objectives Explain the various aspects involved in the process of Combustion. Analyse and explaining steps for extinguishing a fire Explain the types of fuels and… Continue Reading…