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Conservation of Wildlife Animals

Theme Save them from poachers Relevant Grades Class 8 Key Learning Outcomes Recall forest as natural habitat of variety of flora and fauna. Identify different types of biodiversity conservation methods. Explain the threat to endemic fauna from activities like poaching,… Continue Reading…


Conservation of Aquatic Life

Theme Conservation of aquatic life Relevant Grades Class 8 Key Learning Outcomes Identify endangered marine species. Explain the various factors causing water pollution Discuss the methods of conservation of aquatic life. Session Duration 1 hours (Approximately) The Mission: In today’s… Continue Reading…


Water Conservation

Theme Water a precious resource Relevant Grades Class 8 Key Learning Objectives Identify three natural states of water. Understand the distribution of fresh water among the various water sources. Explain the role of water cycle in replenishing the water sources.… Continue Reading…


Garbage Management

Theme Segregation of Garbage at source Relevant Grades Class 6,7 Key Learning Outcomes Identify the sources of garbage. Identify different types of garbage. Discuss the methods to segregate garbage. Understand the side effects of garbage pollution. Session Duration 1 hour… Continue Reading…


Harvesting Energy from Sun

Theme Harvesting the energy from the Sun Relevant Grades Class 12 (CBSE) Key Learning Outcomes Explain power generation in solar cell Describe current distribution in series and parallel circuit in solar cells Describe voltage distribution in series and parallel circuit… Continue Reading…